Ilot innovation & cies is home to companies of all stripes that offer their employees a quality living environment in which to thrive and prosper. But who are these visionary and inspired renters?

The Ilot Tourigny is a landmark for small and large companies alike, offering spaces of all sizes to renters from different sectors and industries. Guests of the private suites and business centre enjoy the tasty offerings of Buon Gusto and Enfants Terribles on the ground floor.
These are companies from the engineering sector that have gathered at the Ilot du Quai. Working solo or combining their specialties, depending on the project, they are able to offer a wider range of expertise and enjoy a wider reach. Its spirit of collegiality and proximity is a hallmark of the Ilot.
Logo Ralph - condos locatifs
The Ralph project is a mixed-use building including apartments on the upper floors and commercial spaces on the ground floor. Renters will enjoy a majestic view of Lake Memphremagog, Mount Orford and Merry Point, in addition to proximity to the many stores on Magog’s revitalized main street.

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