A workspace that enhances the potential of creativity

In our days, workspaces are not confined to cubicles. Welcoming, inspiring, functional and collaborative workspaces similar to Google’s are highly valued. Companies have advantage in offering to their employees an environment that meets their needs.

When choosing a workspace, certain aspects are to be favored because many benefits are associated to them. Here are a few.

Work-leisure balance

The work-leisure balance contributes to the well-being of employees. By choosing a workspace near various sources of pleasure, you offer to your employees the opportunity to revitalize whether by dinning on the shores of a lake or by enjoying walking through the trails of a national park. Give them the best of both worlds, they deserve it!

The variety of a workspace

Closed or open office space? A workspace combining these two types of areas favors both concentration and exchanges depending of the nature of the tasks entrusted to the employees. Conference rooms, peaceful places to enjoy quietness, telephone booths; suggest to your employees areas adapted to their needs. Several studies show that this type of organizational workspaces stimulates creativity and productivity.

Collaboration which emerges from innovation districts

Whether in San Francisco, Montréal or Magog, more and more innovative districts emerge and offer to organizations an exclusive opportunity. Furthermore, these ecosystems encourage residents to collaborate and combine their skills and knowledge in order to develop a unique expertise.

Therefore, the success of a company lies on its ability to offer to their employees a workplace environment that drives performance.

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