The mission

By generating complicity, ilot is a platform for creativity that reflects on the regional economic development and strengthens innovative capabilities. ilot is home to businesses that are making their mark in the IT and communications’ world; and a place for them to share their expertise.


Vector of innovation, ilot is a catalyst of good ideas. And innovation is not exclusive to the technological sphere; the door will be wide open for any project that will bring a breath of fresh air, and possibly new winds that could bring others to change course…

The allies

To create ilot, innovation et cies, many were called to play key roles. The City of Magog as well as Magog Technopole are critical players in the deployment of initiatives.


ilot is in line with Magog’s Smart City values which places technology as a lever and an asset for the community. For its part, Magog Technopole acts as the pivotal facilitator throughout the elaboration and realization of projects that pertain to IT and communications.

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The visionaries

Alan Kezber

Chairman and President of the Board

President of Kezber since he launched it in 1996, Alan Kezber is very present on the social front. To him, success is a synonym of happiness, for his clients as well as for his employees.


Frédéric Côté

Vice-President, Engineering and Design

President of Côté Jean et associés, a firm that specializes in structural and civil engineering, Frédéric Côté also owns the Vivre à Fond Boutique. This entrepreneur enjoys challenges, in sport as in business.


Dominic Lamarre

Vice-President, Administration and Property Management

A chemist by trade, Dominic Lamarre has held many positions in the pharmaceutical field until 2013, when he chose to change course and dedicate himself to numerous projects based in Magog, the city he calls home since 2016.


Guy Lamarre


Man of science as well as business, Guy Lamarre founded Confab Laboratories in 1979 and presided the company until 2010. Since then, he has been invested in many projects in the Magog region through Groupe Lamarre, a key stakeholder in the economic development of the area.

The cies

ilot brings together a group of businesses that show impressive growth and strength. These ventures cover many industry segments, which contributes to the diversity and multidisciplinarity of the community. Depending on the project, they can work solo or join forces to boost their offer with expertise that goes above and beyond. This proximity and theses alliances are the foundation of ilot, innovations & cies.

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